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Update: Teen cyclist killed in TriMet bus collision in Beaverton

Posted by The Oregonian February 11, 2008 17:27PM

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Police said the bicyclist killed in a crash involving a TriMet bus this afternoon in Beaverton was a local high school student, but investigators were not ready to release his name.

The boy's family "needs to take the night to make some phone calls," said Sgt. Paul Wandell, a Beaverton Police spokesman. "We will have more information in the morning." He said the boy was "about 15."

The fatal collision happened about 4:45 p.m. on Southwest Farmington Road, as the westbound bus was making a stop just west of Murray Boulevard, police and TriMet officials said.

Although police have reopened four blocks of westbound Farmington Road and parts of Murray Boulevard that were closed for the investigation, officials were not ready to release details of the crash until a few more people have been interviewed, Wandell said.

Still, Wandell said investigators "have a pretty good idea" what happened, adding that the cyclist may have attempted to turn right from Murray Boulevard as the bus pulled into its stop on Farmington Road.

There is a bike lane on Farmington Road, but it remains unclear where cyclist was at the time of the collision, Wandell said.

The cyclist, who was wearing a helmet, died at the scene, he said.

The bus driver was 53-year-old woman who lives in Hillsboro and has nearly 6 years of experience with TriMet, the transit agency said.

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Tri-Met Bus Hits, Kills Bicyclist

BEAVERTON, Ore. - A bicyclist died in an accident involving a Tri-Met
bus late Monday afternoon.

It happed about 4:40 pm, just west of Murray Boulevard on Farmington
Road in Beaverton. The fatal accident forced the total closure of
Farmington for about 40 minutes, but it remained partially closed
after that, disrupting traffic around the busy Murray-Farmington
intersection throughout the evening rush hour.

The Tri-Met bus was operated by a 53-year old veteran driver. The
Hillsboro woman is a long-time employee of Tri-Met, and has driven
buses for the transit agency for at least the past six years. Initial
reports are that the Line #52 bus was pulling over to a bus stop on
Farmington, just west of Murray, when the accident happened. There was
a bicycle lane on that stretch of road, but as of late Monday night,
police were not saying whether they thought the bike rider was in that
lane. They also were not saying who was at fault in the tragic accident.

Police say the bicyclist, a young adult male, died instantly. Hours
later, his mangled bicycle remained on the nearby sidewalk.