Tuesday, June 9, 2009



Rail training under way

After a one-week break, rail operators have resumed training on the Mall. Most of their trips take place after noon. All Mall users, including bus operators, should be prepared to see a train at any time. Bus and rail supervisors are present to assist and answer your questions. As always, safety is our priority.

Be prepared to stop when following a train. Follow trains no closer that 40 feet or one bus length.

Signals are set to allow enough time for one bus to follow a train through an intersection. When a train is present, the pedestrian countdown signal may go to zero, but the signal system is designed to give one bus enough time to get through the intersection.

If a train is stopped at NW Couch station, pass it by merging into the auto lane before Davis. Merge back into the transitway between Couch and Burnside.

Mechanical tie-up?

} If possible, secure bus in the rear of the nearest service lane.

} Place a safety triangle at the right rear corner of the bus.

} Open the tailgate if it is safe to do so.

Bicycles on your left

Users of the auto lane, including bicyclists, may be surprised to see buses crossing the double white line rumble strip. When moving into the auto lane, be especially aware of bicyclists who are still learning to expect these moves from buses on the new Mall.

Make road reliefs from position 4

Protect bus tires and steering

A tire distance of six inches from the curb is ideal. Buses on the Mall have plenty of room to avoid the dynamic envelope without rubbing the curb.

Boarding: Bus must serve 1st position. Deboarding: OK in any position.

OK to board at 2nd position.