Thursday, February 19, 2009

SUPERSTAR JASON MCHUFF describes the wes event

Gangs downtown

Turn down the volume please!

TriMet tries slightly quieter horns on WES


scenic ride on the wes-2 parts

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BIKE PORTLAND-thanks terwilliger


Public transit lost+founds; look for story from Mary Fetsch

Paycheck snafu with my response


I will send a note to the timekeeper which will result in the last two days of your floaters being applied to the days currently showing as "unexcused absence". At that time you will not have time loss associated with those days.

 Please take a few moments to read the front of the red "leave hours" book where it clearly states that mini-run operators are to make sure they designate which leave category they are using for time being taken; VAC, FH or BD.It is underlined and in a different color for emphasis. On Aug. 27th & 28th you listed VAC. Remember that since vacation weeks can be taken one day at a time, it is incumbent upon you, the operator, to know which categeory you are intending to use and whether you have enough time remaining in the chosen bank to meet your needs. Vacation hours, floating holiday and birthday hours are listed separately on paystubs to assist20you in this process of monitoring your available time in each category.


If you have any further questions in this area please feel free to contact me again.


I found  out recently that it is now the operators responsibility to keep track of all this stuff but I AM 99%CERTAIN that my paycheck going into this sign up said 50 HOURS vacation time, which would make this an error not of my doing.

Unfortunately I don't keep my stubs around. Actually I don't even look at them. If my take home pay looks reasonable I just throw them out.

The 'floaters' and 'birthday' are not listed anywhere on the pay stub.

You just have to remember what you were doing up to a year ago.

Some of us are getting older and our memories are not what they used to be. Starting a whole new data base just to keep track of  days off  is not something I imagined would be required of me.

I just don't understand why this can't be an automatic adjustment in situation where the operator has put down the wrong category of time off, which is the way it used to be

It's  unfortunate that we now have to be BOOK KEEPERS in addition to our regular duties as bus operators.


Thanks again for your Help,