Monday, February 9, 2009


I sent the following email to Steve Banta regarding the new 2900 series buses that are coming to Merlo:

Great news regarding the new 2900 buses assigned to Merlo garage. Having worked at Merlo my entire 12 year TriMet career, most of us operators feel that Merlo has been slighted in the past with bus assignments.

I have one favor to ask. Could it be possible to rotate at least temporarily some of the new buses into as many routes as practical? I drive a 62 line, and it normally gets the oldest of the oldest of the fleet. The passengers get really excited on those rare occasions when a low floor (usually a 10+ year old 2000 series) rolls into their stop.

Steve Banta's response:

Low floor buses are assigned to routes based on ridership and passenger needs. We will assess where they are best placed into the system. I do not know the make up of the Line 62 offhand, so we'll see. I will have a better idea of how they will be distributed later this week. Thanks for the suggestion.

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