Sunday, March 8, 2009

THE INTELLECTUAL ELITIST SAYS- as much as I can't stand this guy HE'S RIGHT!

More big-time bungling at Tri-Met

Following right up on buying commuter trains from a manufacturer that it knew was about to go under, the wizards running Portland's transit agency went out and bought hedge contracts from a bank, locking in high fuel prices right before they dropped dramatically. Brilliant move!

You've got to wonder who made how much of a commission on that deal. And they're in their bunker today telling us, "It was the right thing to do -- we'd do it again."

Do you ever get the feeling that we need to clean house over there? The geezer board that Governor Ted has overseeing the place (starring Homer Williams's stepdaughter) isn't getting it done. And how much are we paying Fred Goldschmidt-Hansen for his, ahem, remarkable leadership as general manager?

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