Wednesday, March 4, 2009


The annual celebration and competition will be put on hold this year, but will return in the future.

3/4/09 Taking a break from the Ro(a)deo

Stephen R. Banta, Executive Director Operations

Yesterday our general manager wrote to employees about the importance of celebrating our achievements while keeping in mind the financial challenges facing our agency. The changes to Employee Recognition Week reflect this reality, and we have been charged to find new and creative ways to recognize excellent performance in balance with our financial situation.

The most meaningful way of recognizing an employee is to tell them that they did a good job, that their work is important to the success of our agency. This isn't a new or radical concept; it is, however, something that is all too easy to forget when we are knee deep in alligators, as we are so often in Operations. I am committed to making sure that we do not forget to thank and recognize employees despite the difficult times.

There is no one at TriMet who believes more strongly than I in the value of the Ro(a)deo. This event provides an opportunity for us to celebrate and recognize excellence together. It is also an important event where families and retirees come out to mingle and engage in friendly competition. The winners of last year's event will still represent TriMet at the national competitions this year. However, we have decided to cancel the Ro(a)deo this fall, and we will not be sending anyone to national competitions next year. When the financial tides turn towards the better, I promise you that this event will be one of the first things to return. I appreciate your support and understanding of this difficult decision.

The upside of this is that the extra time will allow me get more practice in for next year's competition!

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