Monday, September 7, 2009


"Each time we add, it makes the whole of the system -- not just the rail side, but the bus side of it -- work better and better."

This is the biggest load of crap I've heard come out of Fred Hansen's mouth.

Tell me how 12 years of disinvestment in the bus system has made the bus system "better and better"...tell me how an increasingly unreliable, aging bus fleet is "better and better"...tell me how overcrowded buses (because TriMet won't purchase high capacity buses) or fewer, less frequent buses (thanks to the elimination of "frequent service") will make the bus system "better and better". Tell me how failing to follow its own guidelines for bus stop improvements makes the bus system "better and better". All Hansen knows is how to spend all of TriMet's money on the MAX system, and he's proven his anti-bus attitude each and every day when orders for new buses get cut back; when bus maintenance gets cut back; when bus service gets cut back - all the while MAX has no problem expanding; all the while TriMet can give free money away to the City of Portland (to subsidize the Streetcar) and to ODOT (to install lights on the I-205 bike path), and continue the utter failure known as WES.

Better and better...maybe if Hansen rode a bus. Oh, wait, I have repeatedly asked him to join me for a bus ride - and each time he declines. Hmmm, I wonder why. Because he doesn't want to see what I see every day - a bus system that is FAILING and that even Cuba can do better at.

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