Monday, December 14, 2009


by Fred Hansen, General Manager — last modified Dec 11, 2009 02:23 PM

During inclement weather, TriMet plays a critical role in keeping the region moving. Whether traveling to work, the doctor or the store, people turn to us to get where they need to go. To meet the needs of our region, we must deliver reliable service during inclement weather. It is important for each of us to come to work and support all efforts to deliver quality service.

TriMet has several information tools and support materials in place to help employees get to work under tough conditions and provide quality service.

Weather forecasts – When we receive forecasts of weather conditions that may affect service, information will be sent via email, posted in the facilities and on TriNET to give employees time to make any necessary arrangements.

Service Emergency Information Line – 503-962-6222 – In event of inclement weather or another potential service disruption, employees can call the Service Emergency Information Line to hear a recorded message.

Employee support at the facilities – We have air mattresses for employees to use if they wish to remain on site rather than travel home during the event. We also have non-perishable foods and coffee at each facility.

Service Emergency alternate duty – We have identified alternate duty assignments for non-union, non-service delivery staff who are not serving as Ride Guides, but would like to help during an event. Duties range from answering phone calls to making coffee for employees who come in from the field. For more information about these opportunities or to sign up, visit

Winter preparedness tips – The Winter Preparedness information on TriNET, located at, lists ways employees can prepare for inclement weather.

Ride Guides: This year, we will again deploy Ride Guides to enhance our customer service presence on the street. To volunteer and receive Ride Guide training, visit TriNET at

Our goal during any challenging event is to get our riders where they need to go in the safest, quickest, most comfortable way possible. We need everyone at work and pitching in to make this happen.

Thank you.

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